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The goal of SEO – to raise the positioning of a website in search engine results and thus attract as many visitors as possible.

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What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Optimization and promotion of a website in search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing
The goal of SEO – to raise the positioning of a website in search engine results and thus attract as many visitors as possible.

What are the most common types of visitor traffic on websites and how SEO is superior?

Online marketing usually divides visitor streams into the following types:

  • Paid search engine traffic (PPC), for example Google AdWords
  • Organic search engine traffic (SEO)
  • Referral traffic – incoming visitors from third party websites through links.
  • Email – visitors coming from following a link placed in an e-mail
  • Social – traffic that is generated through posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Advertisement traffic – banner ads.
  • Direct traffic – direct visitors that have input the website link into their browser.

The main competitive advantage of SEO traffic as opposed to the rest is:

  1. Search engines – are the largest generators of traffic (Google is the number one website in the world)
  2. Search engine traffic, usually, has the highest conversion rates that result in sales for commercial websites. This derives from the nature of your visitor; if someone comes from search engine results it is most likely that, that someone was looking for your products as opposed to other channels.
The difference between organic and paid positions in search engine results

Search engines place paid ad’s at the top of the list of all results (the so called PPC or Pay Per Click). They are followed by organic results, in other words, those results that Google (or any other search engine that is being used) considers to be most relevant to the request that the user has placed. Those placed in the ad’s section will pay for every single click that their link gets. Some keywords cost hundreds of dollars per click, moreover, not all websites are given the opportunity to place their ads, you need to comply with the rules of said search engine and pass their thorough inspection. At the same time, SEO does not have these restrictions – a well optimized website will be guaranteed FREE traffic from these search engines.

What is the difference between white hat and black hat tactics in SEO?

SEO promotion is divided into two paths; these are the so called white hat and black hat methods. White-hat SEO – are tactics that do not violate SEO guidelines provided by reputable search engines such as Google. Black-hat SEO manipulates search algorithms into providing them more credit than there really is, this is a risky tactic that may lead to tough restrictions placed my search engines on your website. We only work with white-hat SEO methods.

Why does the website require extra optimization? Will a well built website take high positions on it’s own?

More often than not, good websites that bring value to users, do not reach top Google search results without extra attention to SEO. This happens because the general users perception of a website differs from that of a search engine robot. SEO is a complex niche with multiple nuances and variables, even the best of developers do not know all the ins and outs that help fine tune the websites optimization to its maximum potential, especially if the niche that the website is operating in is complex and in high demand. It is essential to introduce an SEO specialist during the early stages of development of a website in order to take into consideration all the necessary SEO factors.

What are the key variables that result in being at the top of search engine results? Ranking factors!

Currently there are over 500 factors that effect the ranking of a website, and each of those factors has its purpose. Generally speaking we can group these factors in the following categories

  1. Content
  2. Behavior (User signals and behavior)
  3. Technical
  4. User experience
  5. Social signals
  6. Backlinks

Moreover, there are multiple algorithmic factors that reduce the positioning of the website for black hat SEO techniques.

What exactly does an SEO specialist do to a website in order to promote it and move it up in ranking? The process!

An SEO specialist runs an analysis of each an every factor for every page of you website and suggests a solution to remedy any problems. If these solutions are of technical nature they will be addressed by your development team. If the task touches upon the business processes or the visual aspect of the website then it will be presented to you, in order to find an appropriate solution.

Could the process of SEO have a negative effect on the business side of the website or on its aesthetic looks?
If we paraphrase the question – does a good website in the eyes of the search engine robot remain a good website for the user? The answer is yes. Most SEO processes will either not affect the business nor the visual aspects of the website or help improve on them. Google is very good at determining how useful each and every website is for its visitors, therefore in order to achieve and hold top ranking positions in the search results, it is vital to develop good websites.


Search engines give more credit to websites with large amounts of written content, and the more you expand on the subject of interest the better. Therefore for quality SEO it is vital to choose a good content strategy. We will carry out a detailed analysis (closest competitors with high rankings included) and thereafter propose the best content creation plan – how many times per day/week/month you should publish new content and also provide with strict guidelines to these texts. There will come a time when these texts will need to be written, and here you will have two options:

  • We will choose a copywriter that is proficient in the subject of your business. We will carry out an open tender, give out tests assignments and assess them with the client in order to choose the best candidate
  • The client will provide all the necessary content

From our experience the second choice is almost always the better way to go, because no one knows your business as well as you do. Therefore the content you will create will be of high quality and relevant to the industry at the time it is written and posted.

How long will it take to actually see the results from SEO?

Due to the indexing algorithms of search engines there is a certain time delay before the ranking of your website will change. The rule of thumb is that you will have to wait for about 3 months before the results of SEO come in to play. It is also vital to recognize that SEO is a long term endeavor – i.e. the longer you stick to the SEO plan the more benefit this marketing tool will bring to your website.

Should we hire someone to do our SEO work in-house?

SEO is a complex niche. In order to be fully proficient in SEO constant professional engagement in it is vital. When Google introduced it’s search engine algorithms there were only 10 ranking factors to consider, since then this number grew to over 500 and it is crucial to be proficient in all of them. Besides that, when working with complex projects apart from experience and competence one needs to poses the knowledge of working with professional SEO software and tools.

What is the difference between doing in-house SEO and outsourcing?

There is difference of opinion, for smaller companies outsourcing is a no brainer, it is much more effective and cost efficient to pay for a set of services rather that employing a full time pro who will come with loads of overhead spending. At the same time larger companies with complex businesses more often than not choose to employ outside help for their SEO. The key to success here is in-depth knowledge of both industry and SEO specifics, finding an employee of that caliber to take in-house could prove to be very difficult. It’s important to assess and compare the competence of an in-house employee and that of an SEO company.

Should we pay constant attention to SEO?

The short answer is YES. Organic SEO traffic is extremely well targeted and could prove to be very lucrative in most spheres of business. Meanwhile this traffic only flows to those who rank well enough to end up on the first page of search engine results, because as statistics show very few users actually go to the second page of search engines’ results. Therefore once you stop working on your SEO, your competitors – those that did not stop will take your place in the ranks.

Do you comply with the rules and regulations of Google and Yandex? Are there any risks working with you?

We follow the set rules of search engines to the “T”, only use white-hat SEO tactics. There are no risks.

What guarantees do you give?

We guarantee that we will carry out the necessary scope of work in order to optimize and increase the rank of your website.

Should we hire a company that guarantees certain positions?

Due to constantly changing search engine ranking algorithms, in current state of SEO it is impossible to give any guarantees in regard to results, especially in terms of exact placement. Therefore, none of the major companies that specialize in SEO will provide such guarantees or promises. Mind the scammers.

How much does SEO cost?

The costs for a full SEO campaign vary, depending on the niche and the amount of competitors in it. Get in touch with our managers and they will provide you with a quote for your case.

SEO Price: I’ve seen some offers for 300 EUR/month SEO services, why are you more expensive?

Good question. In the past, cheap SEO was more that up to its task. All you really required was some basic knowledge about the way search engines operated, by manipulating a few ranking factors or using some black-hat tricks you were on the path to success. The current state of affairs in SEO has changed – it’s a complex task therefore white-hat strategies require a lot of work with analytics and implementation of relevant changes. At the same time, there still are a few companies that offer black-hat tricks at a bargain price. We advise our customers not to go down this path, as it carries major risks of getting trapped under sanctions from a search engine.

What are the main goals and KPI in SEO?

The main KPI and goals in SEO are – to grow organic traffic to the website and increase conversion rates and in turn acquire more customers. Besides these, we monitor search engine visibility (my multiple key words) website indexing and many more technical metrics.


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